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Delivery Terms



The all new/mint cOOLcAR cOLLECTION die-cast model item/s will be reserved for you upon your placing of the order

The item/s will be reserved for you at the time of ordering as soon as you have completed the entire order process with effectively activating your payment option in the final check-out section. At that point the system will generate our order confirmation with Order Number email and E.T.A. (estimated time of arrival). It is always advisable to effect the payment there and then through the instant payFAST option. Failing altogether to make a choice of payment mode at that stage will cause your order to fall irretrievable out of the system. Should you prefer a delayed payment by choosing manual “PayPal” or “EFT + delayed payment”, it is advisable to effect such a payment within 7 days from the thus generated order confirmation date, thereby effecting completion of your purchasing process at such date. This will ensure that product reservation of your purchase remains intact and that dispatch commences promptly.

Withholding of payment for more than 7 days from order confirmation date, will result in your order turning ‘stale’ and falling irretrievable out of the system, i.e. being cancelled from the system! Your items will go back on sale to another party just waiting to buy them.

Prior, reasonable, alternative, delayed payment arrangement would have to be requested in good time in writing (email) from us ( ) and it would have to be expressly confirmed in writing by us.

You may elect, at your own volition, peril and liability, to utilize the PayLater credit and installment payment facility offered through for the identically referenced item/s and entries which we have listed for sale on that platform in our listing section

We do not provide for credit facilities as we don’t hold a financial services licence.

You shall have to establish THE relevant terms+conditions of that service yourself and fall in with their t+c’s of the financing and payment process, i.e. enter into a contract with THEM in this respect. It will not in any way affect our offers nor article prices, but we simply do not actively promote any services beyond our own. The commercial t+c’s of our offers are clearly restricted to actions in our online-shops as well as the underlying service and pricing conditions of our articles listed there. The terms+conditions and other rules pertaining to a purchase of our products from us via another platform are identical and but they refer entirely to our supply chain and delivery service. All our offers and actions are identical wherever you may see them and are mirrored by the purchases and processes offered in this online-store by GT-Collector . However we can say, in essence, they are identical, with exception of the payment procedures conducted there.

We shall not enter into any correspondence nor voice opinions in respect of such third party additional peripheral offers, like credit facilities, beyond what we advertise in this online-shop, as the services of third parties are outside of our realm and totally beyond our control and sphere of influence. We strictly decline, reject and repudiate any and all liability or responsibility for any of your, or another person’s actions, with third parties not contracted by us.

The prices of the cOOLcARcOLLECTION and InstantWheels assortment are to be understood as being fully inclusive of delivery and insurance costs to final point of postal delivery anywhere in South Africa. Prices of imported models indeed include all pre-delivery expenses as appertaining to freight, import procedures, customs clearance, import dues and VAT as well as South African inland postages and insurance to your final postal destination per the insured SA.Post Office parcel service for your purchases in the Republic of South Africa.

No price additions whatsoever required: This fact conveniently obviates any additions to prices; save for alternative inland delivery modes required in the form of courier conveyance and relevant extra insurance cover.

Over-border purchases by clients residing in other territories and countries south of the Equator

We most certainly welcome any orders from supporters beyond our borders and we are fully geared to deliver such services for such purchases. You can therefore enter our online-shop in the confidence that your articles will reach you in most efficiently possible fashion with your open choice of conveyance. Upon you prompting us or prescribing a choice of conveyance and we shall gladly take up inquiries for your choice and shall inform you promptly of the results.

Please note: When reaching the final check-out step in the ordering process, namely capturing the order by clicking the payment button, we advise you to go the route “PayPal” in every case (even if your eventual preferred choice of mode of payment is different) in respect of orders that should be delivered to you beyond South Africa’s borders. This will capture your order in the system for a delayed mode of payment and the system will generate a numbered Order Confirmation for you without fail, submitted to you by email.

You’re would most definitely required contact to us ( Contact Us ) to enquire for the extra charges applicable to delivery and insurance of your purchase, that enquiry must please include: a.) the Order Number, b.) your choice of conveyance, may it Parcel Post?, c.) please state whether by air or surface mode, d.) by courier service, e.) and if so, preferably inform us which preferred courier company, f.) insurance cover required or not, g.) irrespective of pre-chosen “PayPal”, which mode of payment would actually suit you best - even if is PayPal.

It will be our pleasure to put these charges in a prompt response to you and in that communication we shall extrapolate all the individual cost items plus reflect the NEW TOTAL AMOUNT due to be paid and all details you may require making such payment without delay. We shall also ask you to kindly email us a copy of your completed and stamped bank’s accepted confirmation of such a transaction, which will give us a convenient signal to prepare the purchase for dispatch in accordance with your wishes once the money has reached us, probably on the basis of a new Order which we shall in such case generate officially. Details to be confirmed by email at the time.

We would like you to take note that we do not cater for import dues, clearance costs and relevant charges applying to the official importation of our articles to such to your country. The requisite customs procedures in that instance will be supported by our stamped and signed invoice being attached to any such consignment together with the CN23 form Customs Declaration and CP71 official Export Parcel Document.

Furthermore, we shall give you regular status reports of the progress of your purchased and paid items and advise you promptly of the final dispatch details, tracking- or AWB number and expected E.T.A of the consignment at your place of delivery or customs clearance, which will be left for you to arrange.

Regrettably none of the costs previously included in the South Africa based prices can be refunded.

Price Guarantee.

Should price reductions come into effect, in respect of your purchased item/s before your actual payment, these will automatically apply to your purchase and are to your benefit. Our system will reflect that accordingly in your firm order upon final check out for payment. Conversely you shall not be affected by price increases introduced during that period, provided your payment is made within the time allowed.

The delivery process commences after receipt of your payment is confirmed.

After the payment is recorded, items of your firm order will be move out promptly. Upon the local dispatch you´ll be advised by e-mail with the tracking number. All effort will be made to periodically update you of the transport progress and arrival status.

Ultimate track + trace details will be furnished as a matter of course after dispatch by the standard parcel service of South African Post Offices Limited or any other conveyance option chosen. No liability can be accepted for late arrivals beyond our control or Force Majeure.

Our liability ends with dispatch.

Our liability ends with dispatch for inland consignments and that expressly also applies to dispatches with your chosen mode of transport with or without insurance (by your own choice) and for over-border consignments.

Correspondence and emails please direct to Contact Us

Your order will be captured with a confirmed order number generated by our system when you have entered the payment process in the check-out. This order cum invoice number should, of necessity, will come forward by email should be quoted in all contacts with and correspondence to us in relation to your relevant purchase.

Alternative Choice of Transport and Delivery to South African Destinations

Should you require an alternative mode of transport to South African destinations, like courier delivery, airfreight, etc., and /or insurance for that mode, we would appreciate your notification of that (including the name of your preferred courier company) by prompt email, showing the order reference number. In such a case it is advisable that you click either the “PayPal ” payment button (if that is your choice of eventual payment mode) OR alternatively the displayed “EFT or delayed payment” button (which would then be your chosen option). This will produce the numbered order confirmation by email. On the strength of that you should contact us with your request for couriering, with or without insurance cover, as the case may be. We shall revert to you by email a.s.a.p. with details and costs for such the extraneous services as requested and the NEW TOTAL AMOUNT DUE for payment. Such amount due should promptly be transferred by YOUR actual PayPal transaction OR your chosen (manual from your own bank) EFT payment, thus concluding and completing purchase and the payment process with actual receipt of your transfer by us. Please apply only such NEW TOTAL AMOUNT DUE in respect of your purchase as included in our relevant emails to you. It would lead to serious complications, delays in dispatch and cumbersome reconciliations, if you were to apply your own assumptions and calculations. We would, without notice, be forced to revert to the mode of transport as originally included in our price, i.e. insured SA.Postal services, as referred to elsewhere in this document. Any overpaid residual amounts not corresponding with our figure work about extraneous services, resulting from the incorrect application of extraneous service items, we shall, naturally, endeavour to refund to you along the same route on which they reached us, without further correspondence.

Different costs and premiums apply to different modes of delivery, other than the insured SA.Postal parcel service arrangement being an integral part of our pricing.

We draw your attention and advise you to carefully study the final section (11) of FAQ, aimed at supporting your dealings and actions required by YOU in order to safeguard YOUR property and interests, should you experience the exceptional trauma of being offered a damaged parcel for delivery. For practical purposes it would regrettably be completely impossible for us to take actions in respect of a claim that needs to be in essence, necessity and all logic be conducted at YOUR end of the delivery chain.

Please note: Our liability ends with dispatch for inland consignments and that expressly also applies to dispatches with your chosen mode of transport with or without insurance (by your own choice) and for over-border consignments.

Should you have any issue with a shipment, you are always welcome to contact us for support and advice! Contact Us