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1. How do I distinguish between models of the COOLCARCOLLECTION and INSTANTWHEELS assortments?

On our website we offer two collections of die-cast models in two interlinked but distinctly separate online-shops:

On the GT-Collector HOMEPAGE Navigation Bar please click on the page COOLCARCOLLECTION and you will be taken to the massive offer of thousands of models of all regular scales, makes, shapes, colours and finishes of a variety of international manufactures, which our overseas associates hold in stock for you ready for immediate dispatch. An uncomplicated search and selection mechanism is provided for. Prices are to be understood fully inclusive of all costs, including insurance, to your final postal address anywhere in South Africa. All models are available ex Stock and will promptly be shipped to South Africa in a controlled fashion for arrival at your postal address, customs cleared, via the Dana Bay relay, within a transit delivery lead time of 12 – 15 days of ordering and payment recorded. These models are all depicted by 6-digit numbers. Please use the shopping cart on that page to gather your items of theCOOLCARCOLLECTION .

Click on the INSTANTWHEELS assortment on the GT-Collector HOMEPAGE Navigation Bar and you will find a number of models held in stock locally for you and instant dispatch from Dana Bay to arrive at your postal address between 2 – 5 days of ordering and payment recorded. An uncomplicated search and selection mechanism is provided for. These models, which are depicted by 3-digit numbers, should please be ordered by means of the shopping basket and check-out on the INSTANTWHEELS assortment page. Prices are to be understood fully inclusive of all costs, including insurance, to your final postal address anywhere in South Africa.

Track + trace information will be provided for both types of model-orders and shipments upon each local dispatch to your final inland destination.

2. How can I make an order at GT-Collector

Initially you would have to register and create an account profile at the appropriate prompt in our online-shop. Please ensure that your personal data, contact details and address are reflected correctly.

3. Which payment modes do you accept?

We offer 3 main payment methods, (please see action buttons at check-out) These are:

  • Credit + Debit Card (Master or Visa) via a secure payFAST SSL facility

  • PayPal

  • EFT+ delayed payment (Electronic Funds Transfer from bank to bank)

4. How long does it take between payment date and arrival date?

After the payment is confirmed, your order will be dispatched promptly. As the case may be, orders of items of the COOLCARCOLLECTION have a delivery lead time from 15 to 17 days to your postal address. Orders for items of the INSTANTWHEELS assortment will reach your postal address within 2 – 5 working days from payment date.

In all cases you´ll receive an e-mail with the tracking number upon local dispatch to you.

5. How much does the shipping and/or postage cost?

All product prices quoted include full shipping costs to your final South African postal destination (and entail insurance cover, the applicable conveyance, customs- clearing and dues for importation to South Africa.)

Nothing needs to be calculated nor added to the product price quoted in the offer.

6. How long do I have to make the payment?

You have up to 7 days to make a delayed payment. Please engage any of the three payment options to actually capture your order in our system. In the meantime, items you have ordered will be reserved for you by our system. Failing to engage any payment mode and in doing so confirming your actual purchase and consenting to our trading and delivery terms+conditions, would erase the order entirely – it cannot be retrieved. Once receipt of your payment is recorded, verified and confirmed by the bank, shipment proceeds promptly. Please read more on this subject in the detailed subject page MODES OF PAYMENT accessed via the GT-Collector HOMEPAGE Navigation Bar

If no payment is received within 7 days, your order turns stale and will be cancelled. The items will go back on sale, unless alternative arrangements have been arranged by email request and have been expressly confirmed by us.

7. How must I do the payment?

Follow the check-out path and prompts of the shopping cart and make your appropriate payment arrangement. We offer 3 main payment methods, (please action buttons at check-out):

  • Credit + Debit Card (Master or Visa) via a secure payFAST’s SSL facility

  • PayPal

  • EFT+ delayed payment (Electronic Funds Transfer from bank to bank)

8. Can I request COURIER delivery from your warehouse to my given address?


For over-border shipments and including all requested courier deliveries (for over-border as well as to South African inland destinations), yes indeed, and you are well advised to request for insurance cover to be arranged and added at your cost!

As discussed in more under the relevant point on the Modes of Payment information page accessed via the GT-Collector HOMEPAGE Navigation Bar , for over-border shipments you should select the PayPal button at check-out in order to capture the contents of your shopping basket in the system, with consequent generating of the Order Confirmation with Order Number (email) automatically by the system and you should contact us under the caption of your order number at and advise us of your wishes and we shall react promptly with a response detailing the cost items plus the NEW TOTAL AMOUNT DUE for payment.

Purchases for South African inland destination for intended for subsequent courier service delivery, with or without insurance, should be captured in our system via the EFT+ delayed payment button with the consequent generating of the Order Confirmation with Order Number (email) automatically by the system. You should contact us under caption of your order number by emails at and advise us of your wishes and we shall react promptly with a response detailing the cost items plus the NEW TOTAL AMOUNT DUE for payment.

More details about these processes can be found in the subject Modes of Payment and Terms of Delivery on their respective pages to accessed from the GT-Collector HOMEPAGE Navigation Bar which we advise you to visit.

9. Do you deliver over-border to other countries in Africa?

Yes, with great pleasure! Please direct enquiries for applicable costs of postage, courier conveyance and/or insurance to your destination in Angola, Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Mocambique, Namibia, Swaziland, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe to after choosing the PayPal button in order to capture the contents of your shopping basket in the system, with consequent generating of the Order Confirmation with Order Number (email) automatically by the system. You should contact us by email under the caption of your order number at and inform us of your wishes (mentioning the name of your preferred courier service provider, if any) and we shall react promptly with a response detailing the additional cost items plus the NEW TOTAL AMOUNT DUE for payment. Your request for the cost of postage, courier conveyance and/or insurance to your destination will receive our prompt attention and response as detailed above.

In your response to our email please advise any other payment method required, other than the PayPal system and we shall adapt, as far as practical, to your requirements. After your payment has been recorded by the relevant organization, your shipment will move out promptly.

Details of your consignment and tracking- or AWB number will be promptly passed to you for further observation and action after dispatch by us.

Please Note: Any legal customs requirements you need from us for imports to your country should be mentioned in your initial communication so as to allow us react to them and make the necessary preparation and arrangements to ensure a smooth passage for you and the authorities. Import Permits, customs clearance, payment of customs dues and taxes are responsibility of the over-border buyer. A copy of the complete invoice will in each case be attached to the parcel to facilitate your importation process. We shall not be responsible for any omissions that we have not been made aware of before our invoice is issued or before international dispatch. Over-border shipments only be made by trackable postal- or courier services and such tracking- or AWB number will be promptly passed on to you for further observation and action after dispatch by us. The transit times for over-border shipments differ from delivery estimates to South African inland destinations mentioned elsewhere.

For orders from other countries, territories and areas in Africa or the world, for that matter, beyond those mentioned above, please refer with confidence to the online-shop of in Germany to place your orders for the identical models with item references and shipping costs to your country. Detailed article information and ordering processes in numerous languages are available.

10. Can I ask for my consignment to be insured?

No need for that as all our consignments by insured SA.Post Office parcel service are covered by the insurance cover that we always arrange by the SA.Post Office, as a matter of course, when dispatching our shipments. The cost for this service is included in our all-in delivered price to any South African postal destination for all articles offered in these online-shops.

The SA.Post Office’s insurance covers a maximum value of R5000 per shipment or the level of the declared purchase value. Should your purchases be of a value beyond that maximum cover provided for each shipment, we shall simply dispatch two or more parcels to you, as the case may be. No extra costs will be incurred by you.

As discussed elsewhere in our Terms of Delivery and Modes of Payment your requirements in this respect for courier shipments to inland and over-border destinations, should be submitted with the original email requests for all extraneous service items required for such shipments. Please follow the steps extrapolated in the respective sections on the relevant subjects by means of the GT-Collector HOMEPAGE Navigation Bar subjects, as mentioned at the beginning of this paragraph.

Our responsibility ends upon dispatch, once the SA.Post Office or another accordingly instructed party (e.g. couriers, your committed friends, self, etc.) have furnished us with an official receipt of acceptance, thus confirming the consignment to be in intact and received in apparent good order and condition)

11. What should I do if my parcel arrives damaged at my postoffice?

A good question, really not discussed before …… a GT-Collector practical innovation for your convenience and safeguarding of YOUR interests …. here are a string of some useful hints that will assist in your predicament regarding receipt of damaged consignments … could be very useful.

Please Note: In the first instance, we do not deliver damaged or flimsily packaged consignments to the post office, for the simple reason, that they refuse to accept them!

An inherent and salient feature of any normal ‘contract of carriage’ with a client, a service they are contractually paid for, entails by common law, the responsibility and liability for results of their negligence and resulting damages to the goods thus entrusted to them for conveyance. To emphasize the point we are making: they should, by all internationally accepted standards, rules and conditions, have undertaken to provide their “secure and reasonably safe” service AGAINST A CONTRACTUAL PAYMENT of fees and charges. (Force Majeure normally excluded)

The SA.Post Office, being a monopolistic semi-government institution, have in their wisdom and single-handedly absolved themselves from this ‘common law duty’ and practice in the rules which they have issued in this respect. The liability for damages caused by the postal service in respect of ordinary standard parcels is ZERO, knowledge of which is tacitly inferred and generally, similarly tacitly, inferred! To amend this state of affairs fundamentally, would require the challenge by a competitor or generally competition from the private sector, which in context of legal licencing rules and laws prevalent in sunny South Africa, they are not jolly likely to get from the powers at be! Hence, all of us being clients of the SA.Post Office organization, in one way or another, must resort other precautions to safeguard user’s interests. GT-Collector , as originator of many consignments per the SA.Post Office’s parcel service, particularly in this very situation, have taken the fundamental decision to take out extra insurance cover for all relevant postal consignments as a matter of course, as we are simply concerned for the valuable property belonging to you, our valued clients and supporters.

Many of the points raised below are a result of our observations of the public’s paradigm that we become witness of on a daily basis during our numerous visits to the Post Office counter hall. Not that we intend to declare surreptitiously a general dumb state of members of the public, we would rather infer a state of utter ignorance of the facts and procedures to follow so as to safeguard one’s property and interests. Please read carefully to end and follow our well-meaning suggestions of how to meet and prepare a defence against the onslaught.

1 – Without fail, sign only receipt for your parcel after you’ve seen the package is intact. No matter that the counter clerk proffers the parcel card towards you, pointing to where you have to sign. Ignore and decline that coolly; indicating audibly that you will sign receipt once the parcel is on the counter and can be visually inspected. Truly, unusual and it will raise a few eyebrows. Not to worry! You are already causing ripples with your thus demonstrated dissatisfaction of being treated in such insultingly unskillful and blundering way! You’re on Centre Stage already! If an argument arises about it, coolly call for the supervisor/ postmaster!

Actually you are merely insisting on keeping of the correct commercial sequence. Example: No bank teller will ever ask you to sign an indiscriminate receipt for money, before you’ve had the opportunity to watch him demonstrating his counting it visually out in front of you, albeit from in front of a separating glass security window! This is all correctly and fairly is based on a generally accepted and applied sequence of economic and social actions which is commonplace. It would be an outright risk to act in a different way in any similar case!

2 – Should the parcel thus presented on the counter appear to be damaged, interrupt the acceptance process! Later and only after the actions described in more detail below, are fully concluded, should you qualify the apparent state of the parcel you are about to receive by writing and adding on the receipt card for the parcel a qualification of the facts, with date and short details, like “parcel received damaged – state of contents unknown”. But that happens MUCH LATER at the end of a sequence following in detail hereafter. It will be the absolutely final action in this entire sequence of events, that you should certainly insist to be handed a copy of the thus qualified, signed + stamped parcel receipt! Yeah! This surprises everybody, but it is a generally accepted practice at the conclusion of every delivery, including courier deliveries in case of damages, locally as well as internationally!

3 – If the packaging of your parcel is visibly damaged, keep your cool and composure! You will want to write up a pro-forma claim (by hand), there and then, reflecting all details like date, post office location + its definitive zip code, track+trace number of the parcel, sender details, consignee(name + ID#), said to contain [die-cast miniature model car/s], value, recording in detail exactly the state of the parcel, as presented for surrender to you and delivery.

4 – There’s no need at all to unpack the parcel at the post office. It’s messy, time consuming, cumbersome and generally hackle-raising. You merely wish to prepare a statement of facts about the OUTER appearance of that to be delivered consignment. No threat or arguments should be entertained!

5 – Politely request the attendance of the supervisor/postmaster (if he hasn’t turned up of his own volition already.) Attention of superiors in incidents like this is part of general service delivery; it is part of their job and damned duty! …. A very old saying from pre-Greek Culture days: The eye of the lord fattens the cattle! – so true, even more so in customer relations  - it also has the makings of a civil debate.

6 – Request that he kindly verifies your pro-forma claim statement by his signature and official post office date stamp (his name, grade and service number etc. in print, please.)

7 – make all attempt to muster the witnessing support of a third party (with ID# and full contact details) to kindly sign as witness to your statement. Very few people would refuse rendition of help to someone in a predicament! If it should be someone in your queue that you approach, rest assured she/he also wants to depart the scene of apparent strife a.s.a.p. – as interesting and educational the event may be for her/him. 

8 – It is not unimportant to take a photograph on your or somebody else’s smart-phone depicting yourself, the parcel and the post office clerk (who would be in attendence more as the guardpost watching over the parcel not to disappear down the corridor) Take or have taken the shot standing in front of the counter hall’s calendar or simply showing that day’s newspaper front page– or all together, in a lekker commemorative pikkie!

8 – A further close-up shot depicting CLEARLY and unmistakingly drastic the damages of the parcel would indeed be helpful.

9 – The signed and (hopefully) witnessed original of the pro-forma claim statement is YOURS – keep it! The post office may take a photo copy for their records. They have fax machines for that close to their counters! If they insist, by all means, apply a further confirmatory signature on the copy. No need to volunteer that without a civil request. But please: YOU SHALL HAVE and retain the original of this document under all circumstances, now being an “official protocol”. No arguments permitted!

10 – Please don’t be harassed by the growing and groaning queue behind you, it is YOUR property and compensation you are busy safeguarding – not theirs! So insist on your demands, requests and correct actions, despite of all the assurances by the gathering post office staff, uttering their opinion that you are really making too much of an unnecessary spiel of that affair. (For the sake of their image [what? ] they merely want to take this ‘spectacular’ out of the public eye’s view!)

11 – Sign for it and accept the parcel (if the photo session was totally rejected and declined before, do it at this stage) and armed with your ORIGINAL confirmed and (hopefully) witnessed pro-forma claim statement and copy of the post office’s receipt, you depart in peace and proceed to promptly unpack your parcel a.s.a.p. in the convenience of your home/office to inspect the state of it’s contents.

12 - Promptly organize transmission of the 3rd party-photos to yourself .

13 – Retain all packaging items and labels, for possible later use as evidence, until your claim has been settled and satisfied.

14 – If damages have befallen to your model, please take more photographs.

15 - Lodge your official claim with the postmaster in an official fashion, i.e. in writing with all details and support it by enlisting in your claims letter, and including, i.e. attaching copies of (all) documents and pictures that you may have obtained, produced and retained especially for this step. Keep all the originals, please. Be sure to obtain a receipt for your claim (on your master- or extra copy) when handing it in, or alternatively arrange for registered mailing of it to the post office’s claims department. Please remember that the post office, whilst it has the privilege of a government shareholding, is a semi-private concern and work, amongst others, for a profit. Please treat them no different to any Mini-Market trying to palm off on you milk with beyond “best-before-date”! Again, you are merely taking the rightfully correct steps of safeguarding your jolly interests, nothing more, nothing less!

16 – Should you have a legal expenses cover (legalwise, etc.), by all means make use of their lawyers, it costs you nothing extra and impresses the SA.Post Office’ claims department suitably and to no end! The lawyer should also be urgently instructed to fire off regular reminders about the unsettled claim. Keep watch over that action too, please, by requesting to receive copies of ALL his communications in this respect. You’ve paid for it already! That has nothing to do with the expected compensation, as small as it may be, if nothing else, the hasslesome effect will be that safe handling instructions will be enforced, re-iterated and pressed down the ranks and lines to the post office workers. Believe you me, it is a positive action in every respect and IT HELPS all round to improve the post office’s service delivery! Their jobs are seriously on the line ….. Post-runners would possibly be an alternative future job description 

17 – Please don’t dilly-dally; lodge your claim PROMTLY, so as to ensure that the complete incident is not rapidly whiped from everybody’s memory; yours included.

18 - Such claims become time-barred for lodging by post office rules, not yours! The post office staff is duty-bound to assist, on request, with such information and comprehensive directions of how to lodge a claim in such a case! (If all fails to satisfy your rightful curiosity, there’s always a postmaster or equivalent supervisor on duty.) Please ASK! If you don’t, it is tacitly assumed that you do know about the wondrous ways of civil service institutions. (Who actually does?) The information comes for free.

19 – Retain all originals, photographs, correspondence, evidence, packaging articles large + small and records of your actions in this respect. Save .pdf-scans in a suitably titled file on your computer. You may wish to copy to us the entire saga’s collection when your claim has been lodged. (The free ‘cute .pdf writer’ is a most useful small and simple digital gadget on your computer! google it, download it, install it, domicile it in your printer section. It works like an alternative printer without producing an actual hardcopy but a useful .pdf doc as it coverts any document into an easy-to-communicate .pdf-file-doc. You activate it from the printer’s software panel options ‘drop window’.

20 – We shall listen to your predicament, if need be, support it with a few more hints and it will certainly also help us technically in going the extra mile to make our already strong packaging even more safe and secure against rough handling by post office workers!

GT-Collector harbours the sincere hope that you will never have to make use of this 20-point hints-list! Apart of that, you’re welcome to copy and paste this text out and keep it handy within easy reach (cubby hole? … accompanied by 2-3 blank sheets of paper? … forewarned is forearmed – and independence makes you positively confident!) Use the entire list of this paragraph as a check-list when you are about to receive a valuable model car or other consignment at the post office! (Anywhere, for that matter) Shit happens! …. Just as you brace yourself to a widespread and useful awareness warning too, please, …. always expect the unexpected ….! 

In case of any issues or questions, you’re welcome to contact us! Always with pleasure at your service!

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