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about us

GT-Collector introduced its first collection of die-cast models some years ago and from humble beginnings we supported that basis by independent imports.

We do extensive consulting and research in die - cast matters, as appertaining to all international manufacturers, technical and quality degrees, original types and models of cars, trucks, motor bikes as well as tractors and other agricultural items in many miniature scales. An important part of the service we offer has been this free consultation going along with providing special procurement on behalf of clients for models which are not evident or offered in this area.

We pride ourselves to provide safe and secure packaging of the highest degree, the unfailing insured delivery is supported by strictly controlled local and international logistics. We back this up by a demandingly disciplined and reliable service, which we consider an integral part of an efficient response to client expectations.

With some experience in the field of die-cast models, we enjoy a positive and solid respect of model car collectors, resulting from a stable evidence of client satisfaction. Our repute and the feedback ratings received are beyond reproach. We have good reason to consider ourselves to be of positive estimation in the up-market community of this trade.